Christ Church Gabriola - A Collaborative Anglican-United Church Open to All

St. Martin of Tours Anglican Church

St. Martin of Tours
Anglican Church

St. Martin of Tours and Gabriola United Church, having received approval of our respective Church bodies, have agreed to form a Shared Ministry.

The Shared Ministry relationship will challenge and enable us to live more purposefully and completely as Christians. It will foster inclusiveness, respect for diversity, wider perspectives of understanding, acceptance of discomforts, a willingness to learn and to grow together in our common faith, and a commitment to care for each other. Shared ministry provides an opportunity for us to grow both spiritually and in our ministry to the wider community.

The Shared Ministry Agreement between the two denominations was signed on June 25th, 2017,
creating one church with a new name: Christ Church Gabriola.

Plans are being developed to build a new website for Christ Church Gabriola. In the interim, you may go to the existing websites of St. Martin of Tours or Gabriola United Church by clicking on the desired icons.

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